GULL COCO FIN 2021 (GF-2385)


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Snug Boot Pocket

The long sole and high instep minimize slippage at the toes. The boot pockets are especially designed for Gull GS Boots for an even better fit. 


Smooth Water Flow Blade Tip

The V-shaped tip of the blade allow water to smoothly flow away from the fin as you kick. This allows the blade to rebound more quickly ultimately allowing you to kick more efficiently without tiring out during your session.


Weight(per pair) Dimensions
a b c d
875g 530 × 191 × 85 × 95mm

COCO FIN Boots Size Fitting Table

Size GS Boots
One Size 23~24.5cm


DX Spec Fin Buckle

The buckle is now easier to deal with. With a better-designed center guide, the quick-release locking mechanism can be latched and detached even by weak and tired hands. Less force is also required with the improved strap adjustment button. As required, you can easily fine tune the strap fitting.


The Lateral Flex of the Blade Firmly Catches Water

The channeling effect and jet holes smooth send water backwards. This generates strong propulsion, even for divers who are unsure of their leg strength.