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    Big Blue Service

    Regulator Service

    A regulator is one of our primary pieces of equipment we put our trust in every dive; we expect it to perform flawlessly. Servicing should be done every 100 dives or every year, whichever is earlier. We Strongly recommend you serve them at a minimum every year as parts can wear out or corrode by being stored or general wear.

    Big Blue SCUBA is an Authorized SCUBAPRO, AQUA LUNG/APEKS service center. We are trained and authorized by SCUBAPRO, AQUA LUNG/APEKS to Service or Repair the First and Second stages. We thoroughly inspect and clean every component and perform a full service on every regulator; we strictly follow the maintenance standards set by SCUBAPRO, AQUA LUNG/APEKSThe Average turnaround for a full service is ten days. The cost is $50 per stage plus service kits.




    *We are not certified to service brands besides SCUBAPRO, AQUA LUNG/APEKS.


    Visual Cylinder Inspection

    Big Blue SCUBA is a PSI-PCI Premier Facility.

    A SCUBA tank is one of the essential pieces of gear. A cylinder is due to be inspected and tested the first time it is to be filled after the expiry of the interval. In the United States, the visual inspection requirement is a diving industry standard based on observations made during a review by the National Underwater Accident Data Center. They do require a hydrostatic test every five years. The visual inspection cost is $20 per tank.

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