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    GULL BARRACUDA FIN-Standard NEW(GF-2393/2395)


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    Introduced as the world’s first ultra long rubber fins, BARRACUDA’s design is inspired by the long slender look of the Barracuda fish itself. Renowned for their responsive spring-like power to kick through even the toughest currents,BARRACUDA fins are especially recomended for expert skin and scuba divers.

    Flexible Foot Pocket

    The foot pocket is constructed using a more pliant rubber material allowing for more flexibility. This makes it easier to put on and take off the fin, even for first time users. 

    Rounded Blade Tip

    The end of the blade’s convex curvature is designed to firmly catch water from the start to the end of your kick cycle for efficient propulsion.

    Raised Ribs

    The raised blade ribs eliminate side planing and blade twist, which would otherwise occur with long fins. Fin work is smooth. The ribs maximize rubber rebound to enable you to enjoy confident, powerful propulsion.

    Long Blade

    Barracudaʼs strikingly long rubber blade give the fin its famous, highly renowned propulsive force. Incorporating one of the longest rubber blades in the world, there is no other fin like it.

    Special Rib Form

    The raised ribs eliminate side planning and blade twist that usually occur with longer blade fins. They also maximize rubber rebound to enable smoother, even more powerful propulsion.

    Anti-Slip Grip

    In addition to the common center-positioned tread, these fins include wraparound grip to reinforce stronger traction on slippery boat decks and rocky shores.

    Comes With Custom Carry Bag

    Size:815 × 245 × 105mm
    *Will fit in Square Mesh Bag
    * Domestic market only


    ■ Weight
    S: 1,260g M: 1,280g L: 1,385g

    ■ Blade Length
    S: 480mm M: 480mm L: 480mm

    ■ 3mm MEW Boots Size
    S: 23cm M: 24cm L: 26cm

    ■ Dimensions
           a        b        c
    S: 745 × 210 × 85 mm
    M: 765 × 210 × 87 mm
    L: 780 × 210 × 95 mm