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    Discover SCUBA Diving

    Are you interested in scuba diving, but hesitant about enrolling onto the full open water training course? Come with us for an introduction dive. On this short pool session we'll teach you a few basic skills, show you the important hand signals, we build up your confidence and then its time to swim around and have some fun and games. You'll experience the same feeling of weightlessness that all divers experience underwater through the guidance of a trained professional. Bring a friend, as diving is a sport best done with a buddy. Why not even bring the kids too.


    Firstly we'll introduce you to the basic equipment, explained and describing the functions and benefit of the modern diving equipment. Then we'll assemble the Scuba unit together, ensuring everyone has a good understanding of how it all works. Finally it'll be wetsuits on and into the water for your first underwater breaths and opening the door to a new world.


    90 min

    Minimum Age

    • 12 years old ( 10-11 year olds at Big Blue's discretion )
    • Parents or a guardian must be present, either in the water or at the poolside for the entire duration of the activity.

    Dive Equipment

    All dive equipment is provided by Big Blue

    What to Bring

    Swim suit, towel and footwear.


    Complete the signup paperwork on arrival (10-15minutes), parents will have to under-sign for anyone younger than 18.


    Big Blue upholds the highest standards in the diving industry.


    Please call 1(516)869-1888 or email to info@bigbluescuba.com for more infomations.