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    Delivering excellent propulsion and easily used by anyone, Mew Fins are the best-choice standard full-foot fins for scuba diving and skin diving.

    Foot pocket designed

    The foot pocket is formed using a thin and pliant rubber material. This makes the fins easy to put on and take off.

    Blade tip shaped

    With fins designed to make optimal use of the resilient properties of rubber, firmly catching the water, from the start to the end of the kick cycle, you get solid propulsion.


    Size Weight Size
    a b c
    S 705g 520 × 190 × 75 mm
    MS 740g 540 × 190 × 78 mm
    M 750g 550 × 200 × 81 mm
    L 850g 580 × 210 × 84 mm
    XL 1,025g 620 × 220 × 87 mm


    Mew boot size fitting table

    *This size table is only a guide; fit also depends on the individual form of your feet. For some people the sizes shown may be too large or too small. To ensure a proper fit, please confirm which size suits you at an actual trial fitting.

    Size Barefoot Mew boot short Mew boot 5mm Mew boot Skin Hot Boots
    S 23~24cm 22~23cm 22~23cm
    MS 24~25cm 23~24cm 23~24cm 22~23cm 22~23cm
    M 25~26cm 24~25cm 24~25cm 23~24cm 23~24cm
    L 27~28cm 25~26cm 25~26cm 24~25cm 24~25cm
    XL 28~29cm 27~28cm 27~28cm 25~26cm 25~26cm




    Made from kinugawa Rubber
    *1)Of fins made by specialist domestic makers, during FY 2016 in diving shops in Japan, Gull rubber fins were the top sellers (inhouse market analysis).