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    PADI Mermaid Programs


    Did you know that there are now PADI Mermaid Programs? These new PADI programs are designed to provide water-enthusiasts an additional outlet for exploring their underwater passion.

    PADI Mermaids Programs are stand-alone programs like the PADI Freediver program. They don’t require scuba or freediver ratings as an underlying certification. The new Mermaid Programs consist of four student and three instructor level ratings:

    PADI Mermaid Student Levels

      • PADI Discover Mermaid Experience – no pre-requisites.
      • PADI Basic Mermaid Course – ability to swim at least 25m (82 feet) and float comfortably at the surface for at least 3 minutes.
      • PADI Mermaid Course – ability to swim at least 50m (164 feet) and float comfortably on the surface for 5 minutes.
      • PADI Advanced Mermaid Course – ability to swim at least 100m (328 feet) and float comfortably on the surface for at least 10 minutes. 
      • PADI Mermaid Instructor Course – Please contact us for the course detail

    PADI Mermaid Professional Levels

    • Basic Mermaid Instructor – can teach Discover Mermaid experience and Basic Mermaid course.
    • Mermaid Instructor – can teach Discover Mermaid experience, Basic Mermaid course, Mermaid course and Advanced Mermaid course.
    • Mermaid Instructor Trainer – can teach Mermaid Instructor course and orientation.

    Next Step: Get a Mermaid Tail

    One of the best reasons to become mermaids is to get a fantastic tail. And there are some incredible options out there.

    Choosing your tail, as well as your accessories and makeup is important. We want to make sure our mermaids leave only bubbles, so PADI advocates for sustainable choices. Be sure that your make up is eco-friendly and won’t harm the water or the creatures in it, your sunscreen is reef friendly, and your tail / other decorations can’t leave behind plastic scales or debris in the water.   You can even purchase a tail and monofin made of recycled materials!

    Looking for the right tail? PADI is teaming up with Cape Cali, a sustainable tail manufacturer, to make our blue planet a more magical place full of hope, magic and mermaids.

    PADI loves Cape Cali for making it possible for mermaids to not only exist – but to use their magic to save the ocean, while inspiring us to fall in love with – and in turn, protect – the incredible underwater world. Not only are they constantly introducing more recycled products into their women-owned business, but 10% of all proceeds are donated to marine conservation.

    Mermaid Careers

    With the right skills and a proper tail, it’s possible to get work as  professional mermaids or mermen.

    PADI Mermaid Instructors can train other mermaids – and PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainers can train other mermaid instructors.

    * Please contect us for more informations.

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